Friday, August 22, 2014

Worry to I wills...

Last weekend before my fundraiser on Tuesday.  My board and family are being their amazing selves and this is going to really come together.  Duke Boy and I will bake cakes at some point today or tomorrow.  Sid, the high sheriff, cooking the burgers.  Table decorating will happen with assistance from the Naomies  and board members.  Program will be lovely with my Hedgie family presenting.  Money will come in to assist with services continuing in the local PI office.  Then blessed non interrupted sleep --no eye popping, brain whirling moments of worry .  Bliss.

My worries are minimal compared to the unrest in Ferguson, Texas, and the Middle East, but they are still mine.  Prayers go to all those who worry this morning no matter the troubles.  God cares and listens regardless of what the world thinks about our worries because that's what love is.  Now leaving soapbox to return to my spot on the Hooch.

Today I will watch the hummingbirds buzz the lantana. I will pet No Name before he puts his claws in my screen. I will water the thirsty pots of sunflowers and daises.  I will have coffee with my friend who didn't want to share her home with yellow jackets last night.  I will let all those pleasures wash over me and clear my mind ....I will, I will, I will....

Peace to all from the Hooch.  Take the ice bucket challenge if you get hot today.

sweet little Hedgies at rest and play

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