Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend on the Hooch

Lovely Sunday morning on the porch.  Rain--quick hard shower yesterday--put some coolness in the air.  Woke up early after going to bed early--now I need a nap. 

Reading Fanny Flagg's new book, The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion .  Fanny a funny writer and there are enough twists to keep you reading.  I'm also reading Paris. 
It's 800+ pages and more difficult reading.  It was my airplane book for my Key West ride home when my Kindle was out of juice.  I now have one of those little juice sticks.  college girl + juice stick @airport= new smarts for Ms. Hooch.  Good reason to get out of the house--always something new to learn. 

Bobby Laney and his crew came to do some follow up work on my house yesterday. I now have a baby gate on my porch steps.  Hurrah. Just needs a brace--I told them I needed two braces.  Double Hedgies.  Got to play with them on Friday.   Road trip with us to Carroll Farms in Woodbury for peaches then home to the playroom floor.  Hedgie 1 would love to crawl.  He usually waits for Hedgie 2 to figure it out but I think he may be the leader of this new challenge.  Still precious.
 Hedge 2 giving the ok sign to the twin Grandparents

Me and Hedgie 1 practice phhhppphh like a motor boat

Birds are up trying to sing out the sun.  Hoping for a little more rain myself.  God's water needed here.

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