Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day in the life of a town

Still up at 3:30 and the event is over. Probably because I was out by 9:30 last night.

 The Hedgies did a marvelous program for the PI.  Hardly a dry eye in the house.  Humor, love, raw emotion--from Hedgie Boy---Hedgie Girl didn't look at anyone who might squish hers' out.  It's moment like that where you can't beat small town living.  Almost 200 people in the room and most of them connected in some way to our family.  Very loving, supportive audience.

The Double Hedgies were sweet and squishy the whole time.  Baby Hedgie boy #1 did his best to smile but was always glad to have a familiar shoulder to bury his face. Baby H. #2 was his usually hammy self .  Mastery of holding out their arms when asked to come to you achieved this week.  Nearly broke their Momma's heart to see her boys leaning into others but the delight of watching their charm soothing.

Sheriff Sid Burgers were a hit.  So good. Chocolate cake made by Duke Boy and Chatt Girl amazing.  Yes, I helped.  Door prizes were plentiful and very nice.  Table sponsors made the day.  Had lots of good help for prep and clean up from my board and the Naomi group.  Almost forgot--lots of nice donations.  Thanks to all.

Think I'll go back to bed now. 

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