Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blogging, piano playing and thank you notes

Changed my blogging spot to pump up the inspiration. Little tip from "O" magazine article.
 Yard much greener from here. Love my oak tree.  That's the Hooch in the distance. 

One day I will take a blogging class.  I will also take piano. Ms. Bobbie Abercrombie played the organ at a funeral for Mr. Jack last Friday.  This created the urgency for piano lessons again.  She teaches.  I tried to learn in elementary school.  I went to lessons--once--I was too embarrassed to return once I learned you had to pay.  I didn't tell my Mother about that experience until I was an adult--perhaps only last year.  She would have paid had she known--she said.  Oh well... instead I sent Hedgie Girl.  She took for a few years but wasn't ever a fan.
I did return to counted cross stitch this week--ok for 1 night--a Santa picture with a bazillion Santas that I need to finish.
  Hedgie Girl and I bought some quilt squares for her Maw-Maw and I to cross stitch. 
 Perhaps that will happen??
This was me going to work last Tuesday for the fundraiser.  So glad that's over.

 Now I just have to write a bazillion thank you notes. 

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