Saturday, September 20, 2014

Daffodils, coolness and hugs

Put on the jacket to take the dog out--and not just because your pjs would shock the neighbors...Coolness...lovely sit on the porch--drink coffee, read Sermons from the Duke Chapel---Duke Boy's not in there Yet, have some more coffee and blog a little..

Gotta go sit on the boys in a bit--hurrah--Little Hedgie #1 may crawl today!!!  Hedgie #2 can almost sit up alone.  Doctor says twins were all crowded in the womb so sometimes things aren't as quick plus they were 3 weeks early.  Soon we will wonder why we encouraged them from being huggable lap babies.  Hedgie 2 already does a great strong wiggle for the floor when he is fighting sleep.  He reminds me of his mother who never slept without a fight until she was 2.  Helped me develop my biceps.

Flowers a little happier with the showers and coolness.   Hydrangeas actually putting on new leaves.  Bought me birthday present from Duke Boy.  Bag of 50 daffodil bulbs--now he has to dig a large daffodil hole--going to spread them in one pit in the natural area in front garden. Hoping for a magnificent display there next spring.  Love tulips but so do other critters.  Plus I don't have much luck with them after a year or two.  I have daffodils that were here when we moved in in 2000.

Wonderful, cool crisp mornings and nights to all of you.  Enjoy the day. 

Peace from the Hooch.

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