Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Home on the Hooch again

Lovely night on the Hooch. Cool breeze, birds and crickets, whirring of ceiling fan.   God watered my garden all weekend while I was in LA.  Duke Boy is a great guy but he hates to water  flowers--   Hole digging, hauling dirt and enjoying are his contributions.  I get to keep them alive once they're planted.  Not complaining.  I hate digging red Georgia clay.

Great weekend with my Mom, sister's family, our boys and Hedgie Girl. Mom out shopped us all.
She and the boys had a blast together.  They are such cards--kept us all laughing. 

Lions, tiggers and bears--oh my...

6 months old--unbelievable.

Go by Bluffton Antiques and tell them I sent you.  There are some great spaces for rent now.  We need some new people to share their wares with the valley.  People there are friendly and helpful and are glad to help sell your treasures. Come give it a try--rent a booth. 

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