Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday on the Hooch

Twilight on the porch--so lovely and cool.  Finally weeded a flower bed tonight.  One can only watch TV for so long without mind mush happening.  Waited till the sun started going wayyyyy behind the house then hit the front natural areas---jungle like natural.  Worst part was iris--all cut back now--room for the daffodil bed. Tomorrow maybe Cro-Magnon day--you know--look at your toenails and drag the knuckles. Still managed to do moderate glistening even though the evening was pleasant.  No Name joined me.  Resting up for a night of hunting.

Giggles all around from the Hambones

Shawmut UMC had Invite a Friend day.  Good to meet some new folks and see old faces. Hedgie #2 sat on my lap and sang with me.  He was precious .  His brother was behind me with his dad and almost cousin, Grayson.  Such fun to see kids in worship.  Hedgie #2 didn't miss a thing. He doesn't meet strangers.  He even served as greeter today.  along with his brother of course.  Great ice breakers for newcomers. Kingdom of God, grace-filled day. The preaching was good enough to make the Duke grads sermon book--when that one goes to press. 

Birthday party for Andy today.  His sister and parents threw a great party with a baseball theme.  Great excuse to eat cake.  and ice cream and cookies and cream kisses...and... as my Momma would say, "you don't have to tell everything".  thanks Mom.  Andy is 34 and battling cancer. Lots of family and friends came to offer their love and support.  Prayers for Andy please.

Roll Tide to all of you.  Peace from the Hooch. 

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