Monday, November 19, 2012

Wild Rumpus time

 "Hand me the spray paint and super glue so the wild rumpus can begin."
                                                         Karen EB

Do you ever say you'll do something without looking at your calendar?  Perhaps it's a commitment that's a year in the making, and you know it won't be a problem.  You have a chef and he'll cook anything if you tell him a year in advance! You have a house and you have more Christmas decorations than the windows at Macy's.  It's a year away.  It's only for a few friends in your circle from church.  It's a breakfast.  This isn't hard.  Yes, please come to my house next Christmas. 

It doesn't matter that you've just had a big breakfast with a hostess who has more Christmas decorations than Macy's, Tiffany's, and Target--OK--I couldn't think of another place.  You have just eaten at a huge table with fine china, embroidered cloth napkins, two or three kinds of crystal, and an array of eating utensils.  It might have been her silver but since I don't own silver, I didn't recognize it.  It was more elaborate than any breakfast meal I'd ever eaten and more delicious.  We had played Dirty Santa, I was happy with my gift, and I needed a nap.  Of course, I want you all to come to my house NEXT year. 

Then November 1st was on a Thursday.  Do you know what happens when November 1st is on a Thursday?   Thanksgiving which is always the 4th Thursday since Tom Turkey was a little gobbler--is on November 22nd. Throw in the Alabama/Auburn game on  November 24th in Tuscaloosa --can you say time crunch?

December 1st, the date of my breakfast which was year away last December is the first Saturday in December.  Rumpus time---my house is in disarray again.  I only have 10 plastic tubs with Santas and Baby Jesus boys to unpack--I've already unpacked about twice that number.  I have even decorated two trees. 
OK, they are only three feet high and sitting on chests but that's big--I don't do trees--not for the last six years.  Another story for another day.

I am glad to report that the bout with polio that I'd thought I was coming down with was only leg pain from carrying plastic tubs of Christmas stuff up from the basement.  I confess..Duke Boy did help. 

It's almost time to head to the rumpus .  Spray paint and super glue are good items to keep in stock if you are planning on having one.  Items glued thus far--Santa's hand holding a bird house, wise men back on Nativity from the Holy Land via China, attempt at staff of Joseph from Ecuador --he really needs both hands free to give Mary some relief.  I probably need to stop at the Big W and stock up for the rumpus.

Peace on earth, in the Valley, and in my home on the Hooch soon.

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