Friday, November 2, 2012

Dancing, painting, praying

Bonnie Raitt is a marvelous entertainer and didn't disappoint last Saturday night in Columbus, GA.  I stayed in my seat until the last song in the encore--then it was time to dance.  I'd never attended a concert in the River Center where the crowd was very polite and sedate, but finally I was joined by several others who'd been longing to express some of that built up passion brought on by her music.  Thanks, Bonnie. 

The gal whose name escapes me ...who did her lead up music was wonderfully talented.  She had a great voice and played several instruments.  Her band included another guitar player and a cello player, very cool. 

Great meal at The Loft before the concert.  Food, service, and atmosphere were all excellent. Trick or treat in downtown Columbus was fun to experience with lots of little kids in costumes and adults too--some very interesting.  Columbus is a great little city to frolic in. 

Thanks too to my peeps that provide my companionship and ride for such a great night.

Amazingly close to finishing my dressing room.  It's proving to be a fun place to start my day.  It will be even cozier when I get the door painted and figure out what I want to do with my closet.  HMMM??  Door, curtain, ?? Doors hide a world of sin.  Doors make space get lost in the room too.  More to come.

Plants are the basement, in the house, in the garage.  Lizards are probably in the basement, in the house, and in the garage.  Let's hope only critters who are green and have legs came in.  I'm ok with a lizard or two.  Last winter, I think?  We had a snake in the basement--don't tell my Mom.  She will never visit my home again.  It was on top of the frig --either trying to get to the ice or get warm?? The pest control man and Duke boy said it went out the way it came in---spoken by men who knew that there are 10000000000 places for snakes to hide in our basement. 

Prayers for several close friends who are in different stages of cancer treatments.  Remember to get your mammogram.  1 in 8 women have breast cancer, I believe that's the stat.  Sad.  Pray.

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