Friday, October 20, 2017

Early retirement is Grand x 3

Still loving that Pat Conroy book with reflections from his blog. Lucy promised she'd gather my journals and publish them after my demise.  I'm not sure this was a genuine promise.  She has inherited her DukeBoy Dad's flair for the sarcasm.

It took me longer to get blogging today. Made the mistake of checking email...It was good to learn to that I won't have to spend 30 minutes ironing the napkins for Thanksgiving. I can tie them in a knot. Thanks Martha. Not a joke except the ironing part. The knot looked pretty.  Becca, if you read my wanderings please take this free tip since you are the Thanksgiving hostess.

Took the trek to Columbus yesterday to discover there are no Affordable Care Act options available to DukeBoy and me.   Sad to lose the subsidy.  I know many of you are fortunate to have coverage through work or retirement and don't struggle with the cost of health insurance.  We are fortunate that we can return to DukeBoy's previous employer, but at double the cost we were paying.  Choosing to retire before 65 has afforded us time to play with our grands before they head to school on a daily basis. It's worth  it to us to double up on our insurance payments to pay for this luxury.  Of course, it will come at the cost of making other decisions about how we spend our money.

 Some of you reading this aren't able to make these choices...I'm sorry.  $ can't replace grand #2 yelling to me from the other room before going to bathe, "Sughar, don't forget!! I love you!"  Or "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh" that grand #3 serenaded his parents with at 5 A.M. He's learning to say, "Sughar".  Smiles.  Or Grand #1 asking to go to my house and play with me while his brothers are sleeping and Paw and his Momma are cooking.  Of Course, we Can!!

Ok, I'll get off ACA but I am sad that the plans I made for retirement are sidetracked by those who don't have to buy their own insurance.

It's another gorgeous day on the Hooch.  My grands are waiting to make my day grander.

Another great pleasure I receive daily is Garrison Keillor reading to me the Writer's Almanac.
Such a wonderful voice. ( Decided to leave on the underlining because it's making me a little crazy removing it!)

Only thing better Comparable love affair with Sean of the South especially the videos.  Whew!

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