Monday, October 30, 2017

North Georgia traveling

Home from my week long Georgia mountain trip with my family.  Big fun.  I did have an elderly woman fall that left my son-in-law thinking I'd broken my neck.  Mainly bruised hip and shoulder and my elderly ego.  Good news: rest of trip I barely had to carry anything but did have to listen to cracks about pun intended.

Saw my old stomping grounds near Gainesville, Ga. Visited Babyland General, which our family helped build, due to Lucy's obsession with dolls.  She got to revisit with 3 of her living dolls.  Boys were not much interested in all the dolls.  They did want a toy...$$$.  They came away with the teeny tiniest ever baby doll inside a cabbage.  We had to scoure the area the rest of the day to make sure the tiniest Real baby wasn't trying to choke on them.

Not trip to Helen Octoberfest complete without...The big guys introducing a brother to the joys of pooping in a port-a-potty.  Thankfully I got to miss that show.  Can you say hand sanitizer? Not to mention other parts that needed sanitizing!

Leaf colors changed overnight with the cooler temps and rain. Very beautiful driving home yesterday.
DukeBoy and I used a real life folding paper map.  Drove down some country roads and cute towns to avoid Atlanta traffic and see the sights.

Oh, speaking of sights. The Richard Russell scenic highway in North Georgia is a beautiful way to get across the mountains. Make sure your brakes are good and your gas tank full.

My favorite food on our trip was the banana bread from the Sweetwater Cafe in Sautee, GA. I went there hoping to catch up with my old friend, Carolyn Wood Hayes.  She is former owner.  Sadly it didn't happen. Bread was marvelous though. If you see this Carolyn let me know. Would love to catch up.

Best cabin experience: Still Waters in Epworth, Ga.  So lovely. Wonderful hot tub, porch, beds, great for kids, creek, swing, secluded. Found on Home Away by Cody.

Best view from dining room: Dillard House.

Best hikes: Tallulah Falls and Toccoa Falls.

Best place to buy apples: Mercier Farms

Good to be home. I like having a secluded spot to read, write and type.
Peace for your day.  Clicking my red place like home.

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