Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Not time to eat potato salad

Had the opportunity to visit friends in Palmetto, GA and see their lovely home. While there the man of the house asked me about this blog. I confessed my neglect of this method of connection.
Afraid I'm rusty.  Not for lack of content. 

My grands are still the grandest in the land. Wal-mart is even fun with one in the buggy talking to Leon on the toothpaste box aka pretend phone.  Heaving the bananas over his head from the bottom of the buggy while my attention is elsewhere.  No old ladies were injured...including me .  I'm a good catch. 

Saw my first hummingbird of the season checking out the red on two wind chimes on my porch.  Note to self.  Need red flowers on my porch.  Have bluebirds growing babies in a gourd house on my crepe myrtle. Also house wren in my mother's coffee pot on back porch.  I love river life except for a near broken hip....Here's my side of the story...

Sitting in the dark on my porch.  Talking to my sister on the phone.  Heard a buzzing noise.  Looked to my left shoulder.  A cockroach the size of a Boeing 707 had landed.  Flicking him with my hand while falling to the floor where I was trapped between the chair and ottoman wondering how far I'd flicked that monster.  Remained calm listening to my sister. (She never knew I might be headed for ER.) Finally managed to rock myself out of wedged state.   Thank God for grands.  Got light on, got wooden block--large one--moved a pillow--voila--then kaboom--squish.  Then I told my sister the story.  Life on the Hooch. Never dull.  So glad I wasn't my friend, Ann, because if I was then y'all be remembering me while eating potato salad at the church... she is likely to have a deadly heart attack under similar circumstances.

Watching Dancing with the Stars.  Noah just danced his final dance.  Very moving.  Reminds me of my Dad's daily overcoming of his physical challenges to provide for his family and show other veterans what they could do. 

Get out in all this springiness. Blue sky..wear sunscreen and bug spray in the evening. 

Check out Southern Roots Nursery in Newnan.  Great owners.  Good folks. 

We also have a bakery in downtown West Point and a doughnut shop in Lanett. Oh dear...
Peace from the Hooch.

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