Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday morning on the Hooch

Chilly( no winged creatures out) on the porch.

Geese honking, birds--lots of birds--chirping up the sun, NoName sideling by the back steps--hunting, flowers in little pots awaiting my presence..."put me in the pot that the squirrel digs in ...please!  I like lying upside down on the blazing hot sidewalk for several hours until you come home again."

Great fun day with DukeBoy yesterday.  Riding the back road of Highway 29N.  Stopped in a couple of stores for bargain hunting--"junque" stores.  Lunch at Sprayberry's in Newnan, old school variety.  Bar-b-que was fab.  Then on to our friends at Southern Roots--like a salad bar of wonderful living plants.  Then to downtown Newnan.  What a hopping place.  Ken's Bargain Store, it's a variety of treasures.   Did make a purchase at a thrift store in Hogansville on the way home.  Lovely crystal wine glasses that match my one- piece- at- a- time etched flower glasses of all varieties that I love to hunt.  They were only $3.95 for 4!! Psyched!

Sad news on the way home.  My sister has a kidney stone.  Hoping it's out by the time I'm writing this.  She is my beautiful older sister who makes Jane Fonda look like a hag.  She is younger than Jane but has less resources for beauty alterations available to her.  She's also married to the same man for nearly 50 years. 

Time to plant!

Peace for your day.  Had lots of fun with the littlest Hedgies this week.  They like to don a blankie and run around the room while you hum the Superman theme song. Too precious.

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