Sunday, November 2, 2014

For all the Saints

Chilly day on the Hooch.  Beautiful view of back garden from my cozy, warm couch. Thank you for that extra hour of sleep with DST today.  Know I'll be pouting when it gets dark so quick tonight.  Right now I like it.

All Saints Day.  Lots of saints in my life: my Dad, Baby Thomas, Grandmother Starnes, Glover Brown,
 Nancy King Hare, Myron Uptain, Don & Sophie Gorton, Larry Stephens,

 Grandmother Erwin, Madelyn Ray, Kay & Herb Morgan, The Paulks,

E.B. Box (" if I had time to tell it, you wouldn't have time to listen")

Mrs. Terry, Nancy Harris, Gus Hosey, the Earwoods, Bubba

so many people who have left their impression on my heart and in a good way.  There are many more that I can't remember due to the time change---ha!

I thank God for their presence.  Church today will be sad and happy tears as I remember my saints.

Help me be a saint, Lord. 

this weekend most of my saintly deeds have been with my grand Hedgies 1 & 2.  Such beautiful fun.

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