Sunday, October 26, 2014

Monster truck on the Hooch

Lovely day on the river.  Home bodied today.

 Moved out a couch to my booth at Bluffton Antiques. Teapots.  Very cute.  Go buy it.

Got to hug on those sweet Hedgie boys today. So cute and so active.  Hedgie baby boy #1 just woke up into a new personality.  Monster truck comes to mind when you him watch go over the top of his brother for the toy he wants.  Hedgie Baby boy #2 has gotten calmer--like they decided to swap personalities.  So interesting. God is good.  One Monster Truck is plenty.

I'm retiring in January and looking forward to spending more time with them. More on that later.

Peace from the Hooch.  Enjoy these adorable shots of our punkins.

squishy and healthy

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