Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bonanza or Beethoven

These little darlings made Halloween extra fun

They are so cute they would have probably gotten to vote if they could have read the ballot.

Life has changed now.  Hedgie #1 is pulling up to stand. Whew.  He also will crawl to you when beckoned.  So sweet when he reaches up for a lap. 

Baby Hedgie #2 is still quietly army crawling and snatching passies when he can. 

Spent quality time teaching "Hi oh Silver away" but with music from Bonanza while helping them ride their pony.  My sister tells me that Beethoven's 5th is the music for the Lone Ranger.  She also shared a story of meeting him during a Veterans' Day Parade when she was 5 or so.  He was coming out of elevator and she was with our Daddy. My brother met him too.  This little kid was lone ranging somewhere with my Mom perhaps in her tummy or lap depending on the date.

Hope you're enjoying this lovely fall weather. 

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