Saturday, November 22, 2014

Advent coming--redundancy worth repeating

Too cold to porch sit. Sad.  No Name bathed in light below porch with rug and container for staying warm.  He ran to see me and nuzzled my leg for thanks when he saw me out with little BW. 

Amazing the joy that comes from smiling boys or friendly furry animals coming toward you.  Hedgie Twins are crawling and putting up their little arms.  Heart melting.  Seems like I might have posted this earlier--bears repeating. 

Prayers needed for my MIL.  She is recovering from a hip surgery.  Recovering is a stretch.  She's struggling to recover.  Hard to watch.  She's always been very kind to me.  Hard to know how to help.  Duke Boy reports feeling diabetic after several hours of the Hallmark Channel while sitting with her.  Tell him he's jaded and thinks the whole world is Morning Joe.  Lots of the world is Hallmark.  Hoping for a Hallmark moment in the ICU. 

Advent is around the corner.  Everywhere I go people are talking about putting up their Christmas decorations.  Hedgie Girl's house is decorated.  My boxes in the basement having a protective layer of potted plants between me and them.  Plants that need watering--they were put there to keep the cold from killing them--shoot.  The Pilgrims on the mantel --either side of that TV--have no readable expression--no mouths--to tell me how they feel about being displaced early by Santas and Baby Jesus x 25 or so.  Maybe I'll resist but then there's the Alabama game...this is why houses are already decorated. 

Advent means coming --not "here"--whew.  Hoping healing is coming too.  I know Louise does.

Peace from the Hooch.
Thanksgiving can have pumpkins too. 

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