Monday, November 10, 2014

Married to Mr. Surprise

Duke Boy is full of surprises.  Even at almost 60 with almost 33 of those spent married to the most beautiful, talented, smartest, kindest woman in the world. Ok, enough about me. Back to him.
Planned a surprise party for him for Wednesday--his actual birthday.  Going to crash Bible Study. Everyone was in on it.  Brilliant plan.  He never cancels Bible Study.  Just ask those folks who have come out in hurricane force winds to go to Bible Study. Suddenly, he has a need to celebrate or mourn being 60 so he's not just cancelling Bible Study---he's taking the ENTIRE day off.  AUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRATSRATSRATSRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for Plan B. I'm going to be sick on Wednesday.  He's going to have to help Hedgie Girl with the Baby Hedgies 1 & 2. Now you see where my talented, smart, KIND traits come in.

If you didn't get your invitation to the party and you live close enough to come or you'd like to make the trip just text me or message me.  It's a hot dog, actually chili, slaw, dog thing with oyster crackers that you have to eat with a fork,  it's a valley thing-- supper with BD Cake.

 Wednesday night   6PM
Shawmut UMC 
He will be there. Cody will escort him.
  He might not be bathed but that's ok.  Birthday, 60, let it slide.  FOR ONE DAY. 

Remember--I think it's still a surprise.  He probably is going to tell me that he knew all along and just did this for spite.  Surprise!

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