Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Advent

Yesterday was yard work day.  Almost too hot to be in long pants.  What a great day.  Got a little sprucing up done in the front garden.   Ants were mad.  Dumped two dead pots of mums that were winter quarters. 

Roll Tide!!  I'm not a football game attender.  Usually... I could take it up after Saturday.  What big fun--especially for us Bama fans.  Was a real nail biter for some.  You know who you are.  Our seats were at the top of the wind tunnel.  My hair was still straight back the next day.  Cold!! ear muffs, coat with hood, jacket under that, sweater and long underwear, fur lined boots....still cold.  All that jumping around made it worth it.  Walked 7 miles that day.  All fans were courtesy to me.  I may go back in two years.

Hedgie twins got to spend a night with Sughar and Paw.  Big brother slept 11 hours.  Little brother woke up at 5 and did the spider monkey cling when I tried to put back down.  Ok... he must need to snuggle with his Sughar.  Since we all survived they get to come back for a whole weekend soon.  Pulling up, crawling everywhere, laughing, clapping, screaming...big fun.  Also trying table food.  They are fans.  Nine months old tomorrow.  

Advent is in full swing here.  I love this season.  Had a Hanging of the Greens service as a reminder of what all the symbols are about.  Will begin decorating here this week.  Time for the Baby Jesus and Santa to get out of the green plastic tubs. 

Duke Boy's mom went to nursing home yesterday for her hip recovery. Prayers appreciated.  She's had a rough time. 

My nephews are making another movie in Birmingham.  "Woodlawn", a story from their Dad's life.  Should be out next fall.  Hope it goes well for them. 

Happy Advent to all.  Who knows when I'll post again??
These guys know how to make spirits bright .  HO, HO, HO!!

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