Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Roosevelts and the Erwins

Watching the Roosevelt special on PBS.  Indomitable spirits those folks.  I think my Dad was that kind of guy too.  Smaller scale than Roosevelts' but ever bit as contagious.  Dad's is raining down through all his children, grands, and great grands.  So proud of all of you.  Watch the special if you get a chance. They, of course, were humans and did human things.  I won't go there with my own shortcomings either. 

Another beautiful day on the Hooch.  Turned the heat on for a minute.  Duke Boy gone early taking his Mom to the doctor.  Don't tell him what I did with the heat.  Of course, the windows are open upstairs which may be why I needed heat in the living room. Duh!

Here's this gorgeous fall image. 
oh, and Roll Tide.

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