Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Relief panicy symtoms--mine--sign up

Going into my usual jittery mode before my fundraiser.  It's less than a month away but I play it in my head from morning until night.  Drives my family crazy---Hedgies are the program this year.  Pray for all of us.  I always envision making a ton of money--wish it was so. I can dream that someone out there has a big check burning a hole in their pocket and just the right moment will occur to make them put it on the table in an envelope or give it to me to wear in my pocket. I always wear pockets because some folks do give me money as they come in the door. I always take it back to the counting basket and not to the KEB fund--which is non-existent.  I pray for calmness but perhaps the jitters are a good way to burn calories? 

The doctor on Morning Joe says walk 10,000 steps a day and 25,000 on the weekend.  Say what?  Gotta get my walking groove on again. May was my high month where I averaged 7700 daily.  That was pre-baptism. 

Great Korea meal last night at the West Point restaurant with the Divine Ms. M and her family.  Cousin Nancy was in town and brought some adorable hooded towels to the Double Hedgie boys that she'd made.  So cute.  She's always fun.

Make plans to "Join us on the Journey"  on August 26th at noon at First UMC in West Point, GA.  Tickets are $35 each and you can buy them from me or any Pastoral Institute Advisory Board member. 

Hope Tuesday is a good one for you. 
Peace from the Hooch.
Ms. M on her 80th.  She always makes me laugh.

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