Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The day Dad burned the toast

My only memory of my Dad ever cooking anything was 51 years ago today.
  He burned the toast that day.  We had a toaster but I'm not sure if he was using it.  I prefer to think it was on a cookie sheet in the oven. 

He grilled in later life when he retired and moved to the new house in Leeds.

But that day we got to eat breakfast somewhere else? No sure where? Perhaps the little café in downtown Birmingham across the street from his office.  He worked for the VA but for a while had an office on a corner near the Alabama Theatre. Or at least that's my memory? Mr. McMurray, who worked with him. would always want to borrow money from me--a dime or a nickel--which of course I had to get from my Dad.  Then a week or so later I'd get an envelope with a quarter or fifty cents--he always paid it back with interest.  Wish I could find that return now. 

Back to the toast story.  After breakfast we went to the hospital--which I think was the West End Hospital where we all first saw the light of day in my family.  I road the elevator up with my sister and brother--the doors open and we walked down the hall--STOP- a nurse called out.  That girl is too young to visit on this floor--I was 10--you had to be 14.  Nancy and Henry were 15 and 14.  Pooh. Sad. 

I needed to see my Momma. I had never been separated from her except when she went to her brother's funeral when I was 5 or so.  She didn't go away over night. 

I was also curious about this new arrival.  Dad said it was another sister.  Bette Eugenia.  In my memory she weighted 8 pounds 8 ounces. 

I was banished from the floor that day.  I'm not sure who went to the lobby with me? 

I didn't see my Mom or new sister for a few days?  In those days after a C-section you got to rest for a minute. 
 Happy Birthday Bette Eugenia--this is last year when she was 50.  Didn't get a 51 picture on my camera.

I did see my sister over the weekend--actually both of them--and my Mom--who was 88.  It was a good visit in Samson, AL.  The land of peach drinks and butter sandwiches according to Hedgie Girl who spent some time there when she was younger.

We took the newest  Double Hedgie Boys to visit their Great Grandmother and to check out a future vacation site complete with peach drinks,butter sandwiches, and fishing. 

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