Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I meant to do my work, Emily, but...

A little alone time. Cool, peaceful, chirping birds.  In the distance the mill is being eaten by the big machines.  West Point Stevens ground into dust.  Can hear the groans across the river. 

Cutting devil vines out of the hydrangeas earlier--visiting China--where the roots are--
No Name brushed my leg and I nearly visited the moon.  I've only see one wiggly thing with no shoulders this summer.  Plan to keep it that way.  Particularly when I'm wearing flip flops and shorts. 

Work is calling.  Gotta go.  What did Emily D. have to say about that?  "I meant to do my work today, but."..something about a brown bird in the woods...hmm???  I do have to afford to power that ceiling fan.  However, it is quite cool today...

GO.  STAY.  GO. STAY. GO . stay.  stay...GO, go, I'm gone.

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