Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independent feelings

Fireworks have finally stopped popping.  Little BW had her panic meds but is still hiding under the ottoman.  Bless it.  I don't remember a night with such festivity before. Perhaps everyone was so happy from the lovely day--cool and 86 here--super--low humidity.  Minimal flies.  Peach ice cream and watermelon tea cakes, ribs, chicken, bar-b-que--the patriots on my porch were straining the supports. 
                         Here is MawMaw Brown and all her greats. She had a super day.

Now the fireworks are popping again.  Next 4th our Double Hedgie boys will be trying to follow their cousins up and down stairs and on to the river.  Maybe we'll institute some fishing next year. 

Thanks to all who made my day lovely.

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