Saturday, July 12, 2014

July and cool morning. Super.

Thank you Lord for that rain yesterday.  First morning in awhile some of my baby hydrangeas have cooed when I walked past them.  BW was under the ottoman when I came home so she asked to please ease up on that thunder.  But I'm loving not having to water this morning.  Also loving this coolness on the porch--the coolness in addition to my personal coolness.   :)

Sat on boys last night.  They were super sleepy because they'd kept their parents up most of the night.  Parents are implementing new sleeping technique without Houdini outfits. Double Boys not digging.  Getting to snuggle with them while they sleep is pretty blissful and provides intoxicating napitus or napmeus, however you choose to construct that word.

Hope you all have a marvelous Saturday.

 West Point Girls All-Stars.  Goooooooooo. Hope they have a great game. 

Me and the Boys

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