Thursday, July 10, 2014

Queen of denial

Did a little speed gardening this morning after reading the post on Facebook from Southern Roots Nursery in Newnan.  A cool spot with neat people running it.  You get a Lott for your $ there.  Go and meet Bob & Sherry.  Their post inspired me to cut my hydrangeas, coneflowers and daisies back.  Hoping I'll get more blooms out of the last two.  The hydrangeas still make a lovely turn the corner surprise jar in your home even though they have brown spots.  They are probably just trying to imitate me.  Yuck, yuck.  Stay with me.  It gets worse.
                              the youngster above is a great nephew and the source of many lovely clothing                      items for our Hedgie boys. Sweet Ryan.
                                                          Thatcher Hedgie and Paw

I was temporarily crowned as not smart for eating a life saver.  Do not bite those things if you are over 40 like me.  I'm definitely there.  Dr. Jenny McClendon in Lanett is a marvelous dentist and saved my tongue from destruction on the broken filling.  Her staff is kind and gentle.  Thanks Y'all.
I will get my official crown and sash in August. 

Another great experience with Joe at Ponder's Nursery.  He's always very patient and friendly while I look at every plant and ask 2 million questions.  He is also good to just let me browse and drive away if I need to.  Shopping for a gift yesterday and came away with a lovely Limelight hydrangea.  Gotta love that Kia when it comes to stuffing things in the back.  My trusty blanket protects the nasty cargo area.  My poor girl so needs a bath. 

Speaking of baths--how about some rain up in here, God.  No storms...just rain.  I didn't water because there's greater than a 30% chance ALL Day!  You can do it.  Which may mean a 30%+ chance of more dying plants if 0 rain.

Prayers for those struggling with illnesses and grief.  Prayers for new parents and their new little humans who are changing daily and requiring more brain power and energy to stay ahead...did I mention praying for the Sughar and Paw too.  I regret not having my phone in my pocket yesterday because I know I walked a mile trying to settle little brother.  All the sweetest of cooing and laughing makes it all a great day.  I did get a good nap in. 

Phone was in pocket for speeding garden--a mile--yes--the gardens are extensive and weedy on the Hooch.

Peace to all.

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