Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sitting on babies

Spent yesterday sitting on babies and feeling sad for babies that aren't so loved. One real great grandmother and another great-grandmother from another family but adopted by ours showed up to help hold and gush and coo.  We also go some great napping done with Dex.  Large couch from a former neighbor provides world class napping--the baby lies in the crook of your arm on the back side of the couch and you get the rest of the space. Ample room for a wonderful snooze.

The boys also got to go the Einstein gym where they rode their bicycles, lifted 2 ton whales, and arm wrestled with each other and an octopus.  Hedgie Baby 2 likes to admire himself in the mirror and imagine he's a triplet while he cycles.

Lying on the bed at the end of the day telling stories about the beach was an effective calming experience for awhile awaiting the return of the Hedgie parents.  Duke Boy cooked our supper and babies were passed around as we scooped up our luscious meal.  Babies returned to their home and Sughar and Paw slept like logs. Insomnia can be cured by babysitting twin boys---miraculous!!

Summer rains are making my garden marvelously green and showy.  In a bit I'll have sunflowers--all colors purchases from the Burpees catalogue, blueberries, grape tomatoes, and heavenly hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas are already brilliant blue in spots--love those.

Congrats to my brother and his sweet wife celebrating 42 years of marriage.  In Hawaii.  Sweet.

Peace to all from the Hooch. 

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