Saturday, May 31, 2014

Grand views on the Hooch

Enjoying my morning with Dex.  Birds singing about surviving the storm last night.  Coolness that keeps the air conditioner silent under my chair.  No Name out hunting. 
Paw paw's coat

It's almost impossible for me to wrap my head around all the good things that are going on in my life.  Our baby boys are now officially part of our family.  They have been a spiritual part of our family since January when we first knew they were coming to live in our part of the world.  Now the Judge, who was from West Point, small world, says they can legally stay.  Amazing. 
Baptized Twin Hedgies at the beach kicking up  their heels.

Last Sunday goes down as one of the best days of my life.  We had a beautiful baptismal service at Shawmut UMC with mementos on the altar from our family representing the saints---a quilt from Duke Boy's Grandmother, Hedgie Boy wore Duke Boy's daddy's jacket, other things that fail my mind. Many of the hymns were from our first Hedgie baby, Thomas' service, scripture from our wedding and Hedgie Girl's baptism. One of the best parts was having so many friends and family members there to give witness to God's claim on our boys.  Thanks to all of you.  Ian from Fairfax UMC preached a marvelous sermon--Duke Boy was too overcome with emotion and pride that sermonizing wasn't in him. He did perform the baptism. 
The beautiful smiles belong to my Dentist's family.

Lunch at our home afterwards made all those garden bend overs worth it. 84 people in our river garden.  Great-Grandparents on the porch.  Picture perfect weather, bar-b-que from Duke Boy, sides from Railroads, catering by Railroads--they did the best job.  I didn't have to do a thing.  What sweet, efficient servers.   People stayed and visited and cooed over the boys. What a wonderful day.

Today promises great beauty--singing birds, leafy green oaks, blooming hydrangeas, coolness on the skin. 

Peace to all.  Take some time to drink in the beauty of God's love through His gifts of nature.

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