Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dancing, grasshoppers and spring

Dancing with the Stars finale.  Meryl and Maks.  Want them to win.  Such fun watching them dance.  Have also loved watching Amy and Derrick.  She is amazing to watch with her prosthetic feet.  Maybe I will take up dancing under the stars where no one will hold up a score paddle.  Just saw the GNC commercial on being average. Too funny and so me.  Average is good. No average is average. 
Meryl and Maks just won.  So glad. 

Trying to get prepared to have the 100+ folks at my house for lunch on Sunday to celebrate our boys' baptism.  Such gorgeous weather this week.  Hope it holds for Sunday. 

Trying to get my sunflowers to grow.  The grasshoppers have other ideas.  Some of the leaves only have a few holes.  My tomatoes and pepper plants are looking good.  I love spring!

Time to go to bed. 

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