Friday, March 28, 2014

OMW and Double Sugharing

Old man winter is hiding under my porch. I know this because he’s already killed all the plants under the plastic area we created there to protected them from him. He must have decided he liked this new spot that offered protection from the wind and rain but still let him be his old freezing self.  This morning I can feel him giving off a chill as I sit listening to the rain come down as a type from my porch. He tells me that he’s gonna go soon, he’s just waiting to see if I’ve gonna plant any of that seed or that plant I got for Valentine’s—it’s a hibiscus and he thinks it looks tasty.  He can see it through my dining room window.    Those beautiful varieties of sunflowers of all colors and sizes that I order from Burpees are also known to him. They will look very yummy and tender if planted before Good Friday.  He knows how impatient I am for spring to REALLY be here.  OMW aka Old Man Winter has watched me drive past Ponder’s Nursery, walk through the Wal-Mart garden shop, and avert my eyes while driving up 29 in Lagrange past the nursery near The Pig. OMW does this to me every year.  He toys with me.  He knows I’m vulnerable.  I haven’t been to the front garden this morning to see if he succeeded in destroying my tulips.  They’d just put their little heads up this week.  I’d tried to encourage them to stay down and not come out.  They got the word that Angie Robinson’s tulips and daffodils were showing off down on Avenue C and got eager to get into the act.  Tulips are vain and deserve to be.  They are amazing flowers.  Angie’s are red and gorgeous.  Drive quickly past West Point Methodist and you will see them on the right in front of the green house with orange trim.  Her yard is always showing off something lovely.  Probably because she works in it to keep it lovely.  Hmmm….She has time …she only has 9 grandchildren and another on the way..I think that’s a correct #.

     Most of you probably know by now that I have two new grandsons.  Twins, yes.  They are double handfuls and precious.  They are already calling for their Sughar when I come in the door.  It’s so great to not have to share a baby with their Paw, aka Duke Boy.  OMW has made it easy for me to be an available Sughar and not have to worry about my gardening.  I’m looking forward to teaching them to pull a wheelbarrow, dig in the dirt, and eat blueberries from the bushes in the summertime.  I’m also hoping them will be excellent grasshopper catchers.  We have those huge black ones that eat everything in their path for several weeks every summer.  I’m sure you will hear many stories if I take the time to write them.  I may have other interests??


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