Monday, March 24, 2014

Sughar hits the Trifecta

Double Sughar trifecta this morning:

2 babies, 2 bottles and a double boppie.  If u are unfamiliar with a boppee it's like a hug neck hugger pillow but for twins it's a two seater.

Fed those boys at the same time--I am amazing for sure.  I even got to sip a little coffee that was in my Sughar sippee cup when we stopped to burp.  I didn't have to burp--just the boys.

Helped get the boys and their Momma out the door to their first party.  Got Thatcher all cute in his corporate tie onesie and he pooped his pants.  His Momma changed him again while I got his brother dressed.  Tomlin made it out the door with no poopee pants.  Not sure if he got to the party that way ?  The other choice is never leaving the house.  Ever...not a good choice but maybe one for sanity if only one person is doing this parenting thing while the other brings home the Similac. 

I'm not quite sure how my Mom got anywhere.  I was the last middle kid of 4.  My older sister was 5 and my brother was 4 when I was born.  My younger sister is 10 years younger.  There were no car seats when I was baby. Where did you put the baby while you drove if your husband or wife was at work?  I remember holding my sister in my arms in 1963.  I guess I just rolled around on the hot plastic seats in between my sister and brother.  Maybe I rode in the floorboard or in that cool back window.  I did ride a lot in the back window especially coming home from my Grandmother's house.
I didn't ever get my head stuck in the baby bed bars to my knowledge.  60+ years of life with little to no brain damage--at least not during the baby years. One day I'll tell the story of the dishwasher door. I don't think I have?  Like I said brain damage...

Lovely day here on the Hooch.  Glad to have time to share a Sughar thought or two with you. I'm loving Sugharing. Lots of fun.  Peace.

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