Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving and fire

Spent the morning with Dex even though he was cool to me.  Watching leaves fall was like watching a movie in fast forward.  Our river garden is at least ankle deep perhaps knee deep now in gold, reds and browns.  The great thing about leaves on the ground is that means the view of the Hooch is pretty fabulous.  Coffee, Dex and the river...

now I'm in front of my cozy fire.  Little BW is trying to push the laptop away so she can snuggle into me.  My fire is of has a blower for warmth...need one that crackles.  Do they make those...well duh, called "real fire".  I don't have to go into the cold for more logs, no sweeping up ash, no sparks on the rug...close to perfect. 

BW has given up on being my "laptop" and has burrowed into an afghan.  Queen Elizabeth is dreaming of Christmas cookies with Martha Stewart.  Just had mochas and cream cheese on ginger family cookies.  Yum.  It's beginning to look a lot like winter...

Top 10 Thanksgivings:
New room for Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth in her new room
New laundry room no longer in basement
Hedgies on the way to being parents and you know what that means>>>>!!!!!
BW all snuggley
Duke Boy happy as Bama wins its way through the season
Good folks to work with
Good folks to worship with
Good folks to call family
Friends who love me--wahoo --that's 11!!

Hope you will count your blessings instead of sheep tonight.

Peace from the Hooch.
Looking forward to Thanksgiving with this cute family of Bama fans!!

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