Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kennedy remembered

Watching the Kennedy memories tonight.  Remembering being in Ms. Guthrie's room in 5th grade at Bush School in Birmingham when some boys ran down the hallway yelling that the President was shot. 

My family felt a kinship to the President because my Dad, a Medal of Honor recipient, had shaken hands with him in the Rose Garden in May of 1963.  My Mom didn't go because she was pregnant with my little sister, Bette.  Jackie Kennedy was pregnant too but unfortunately lost baby Patrick in August when he was born five weeks too early and his lungs were too little.

Sad day for our country then and now looking back.

Sorry that Lanett High School lost tonight to Fyffe?? spelling??  Safe travel to Hedgie Girl and all the fans traveling home tonight.

Peace from the Hooch tonight.

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