Sunday, November 17, 2013

One duck dynasty afternoon

Dex finally warmed up again so I could sit with him.  Queen Elizabeth & I ate supper with him tonight.  Lovely evening to enjoy a great meal prepared by other main man, Duke Boy.  Here now with both of them watching Bama. 

Spent the afternoon napping here. The Dex couch is the best nap spot. 
Duke Boy had a birthday this week==thank God, now he is only 1 year younger than me again!!
Good thing we're both so cute since we look so much alike after all these years!

 Attempted to pick up pecans by the Hooch today. Not many there.  Took Queen Elizabeth on a joy ride down in the truck so she could help us hunt.  We picnicked a little after unproductive pecaning.  Lovely day to enjoy the Hooch though.  Disappointing to have so few birds today.  One duck. They must have all gone to Mississippi for The Game.  Gave the Queen a thrill trying to climb that hill in the truck.  Reminded her of riding with Major Charles in the golf cart after the Hedgie wedding.  It was her first trip down there in 5 years.  Who knows when I'll get her there again.

Next Saturday, we have the Winter Festival in downtown West Point.  It's gonna snow courtesy of KIA.  Come and bring friends.

Lots of good buys at Bluffton Antiques in Lanett.  Check out booth 19. 

The Pastoral Institute has Holiday Hope on Thursday the 21st.  You can still make a reservation if you call by Monday.  334-768-2341.  It's for those who've lost a loved one and are going through the holidays for the first time without them.  Duke Boy and our Naomi, widow group, are making a wonderful meal.  Free event.

It's good to have the Queen here.  She never fails to make me smile with some of her comments. She continues to be amazed that I know how to do laundry.  She has to be since I don't let anyone touch my washing machine. 

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