Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Medal of Honor remembered

Lovely tribute by the VFW and Valley Postmaster yesterday. My family was honored to be able to participate in the ceremony.  Weather was beautiful with a little nip in the air.  Tommy Weldon, the Valley police chief, played taps on his trumpet.  Impressive!  The last few military funerals that I've attended the honor guard has used  pre-fab bugle music.  It's lovely but not quite the same experience.  Taps always bring a tear-- the bugler at my Dad's funeral, soggy and wet under a tree. I'm not sure if his was canned or not--I do remember that it was sad.

 The Medal of Honor stamp is available today for purchase.  My Dad's name is in the inside if you purchase the book, Henry Erwin.  There are also 464 other names of the WWII recipients.  Just to be politically correct--never refer to a Medal of Honor recipient as a "winner" of the medal.  Most of them never strived for this honor since many of them are awarded posthumously. My Dad's medal was raced to his "death bed" by his buddies from a broken case in Hawaii.  I think it's the fastest a medal was ever approved.  He had it engraved himself.  My nephews, the Erwin Brothers, are planning to produce a movie about this story. 

Dex is chilly today.  He wishes we had a big ole blanket for  him to wrap himself in for the upcoming winteriness. 

Hedgies had their last adoption class last night.  On to the home study.....then...

Peaceful day from the Hooch.   

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