Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spending time with Frank

I've been with Frank for nearly an hour now.  His blue hat is coming into view with the morning light. He is quiet and let's me think and rest.  He provides a comfortable spot for me to sit and even has a plug for my laptop.  If I could just teach him to have the coffee ready....hmmm....He loves to listen to the early morning sounds with me...too many birds to name, chipmunks scurrying to hide from Double N, Frisky Whiskey up a tree--it's a squirrel poem--look it up.  Ms. Daily taught Hedgie Girl that one at East Lake...freeway in the distance--not disruptive--white noise .

Oh no...I'm discovered with Frank.  Duke Boy is coming.   Morning Joe will also join us. Rats.

He will bring me coffee...the perfect love triangle.

Frank has other lovers---sad and wonderful.

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