Thursday, October 17, 2013

Frank entertains

With Frank again--need more coffee--nothing is perfect.  Duke Boy still snoozed.

Today Frank will help host a party for our group, The Naomi Project.  It's a group of widows who've been meeting since March.  They have all had husbands to die less than a two years ago. I almost said they'd lost their husbands, but unfortunately their husbands aren't coming back so they aren't lost.  They have held each other up during tough spots--anniversaries of deaths, weddings, and birthdays;
holidays, and lonely lunches.  Today we will plan how we want to minister to the next group coming out of our Holiday Hope luncheon in November.  Holiday Hope is for those who've had a loved one to die during the last year.   I know I'm only Holy Ground when I'm with these women.  They have blessed me and Duke Boy with their love and trust.  Pray for their continued recovery from their grief.

Daylight is creeping onto Frank. Squirrels are doing the Frisky Whiskey up a tree.  Fall is also creeping here.  Wonderful, but slight, chill in the air. 

Time to help Frank spruce up for his guests. 

Got get my own coffee.  Rats.

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