Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bye Frank

My porch is more of a Poindexter.  Those of you old enough to remember "Mystery Date" from the 60s, a board game, understand. He required nothing of you and was glad to have you just show up.  Content to be selected.  Honored.  Available.  Could go out on a moments notice.  He didn't care what you looked like. Wear the clothes you slept in--don't worry about your hair or that you breathe smells like last night. Of course, my porch is still  lovely while Poindexter wasn't much to look at.   But I'm going with Dex.  Kicking Frank to the curb. 

Cool, rainy morning. Thanks for letting me snuggle in Dex.

Queen Elizabeth & I bought flowers yesterday. My first of the season.  Lettuces, pansies, and a croton.  My pots are anxiously anticipating their new outfits.  Personification--got it bad.  Just ask Dex.

Time to do all those things that didn't get done all week.  Have a peaceful Saturday.

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