Monday, September 2, 2013

Hot, hot, hot

The da Vinci surgical robot is now in law suits--the Jetsons would never consider subjecting Rosie to such torture.  I'm sure she occasionally dropped their sandwiches on the floor.  I know that seems random but a commercial just came in my ear while I was trying to think.  Never a good thing. 

Hot here.  Had to bathe after watering the yard due to all the itchy bug bites.  No rain in sight, just thunder.  It's the first day of September.  I was spoiled and became lazy during most of August where I didn't do squat in my garden.  The hydrangeas are droopy and sad.  However I do have a few amazing zinnias. 

Our remodeling projects are almost at an end. Except one...more on that one later.  Waiting on the plumber to come and connect up some essential parts.  Trying to restore some order and dust . What a lot of dust!  What a lot of fun to see it all come together. 

Roll Tide.  Good start even though Duke Boy wasn't happy with how the Tide played.  So picky.

Peace to all from the Hooch.

Thanks to all who made the Pastoral Institute event a big success.
This is a random shot while the Point University singers were performing.  I'm the girl on the left in the orange pants rocking out.

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