Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Changing my view of the world---- with Ms. Georgia

Mr. T celebrated his 62nd birthday in heaven.  Not quite sure how that works.  I'm sure we must quit having birthdays and that if we have bodies they are restored to their youthfulness where we all look the same and no one snickers in the locker room.  Even better there AREN'T any locker rooms. Heaven! You won't have to have your initials on your tennis shoes and no one will care if your gym suit isn't ironed--you won't have one with bloomer legs that make your thighs looks like elephants' and your butt ALWAYS big.  I know where the designer of those now resides--in a special place!

I digress--Mr. T--had a front row seat for a Bama victory.  Duke Boy wasn't happy with the playing of the game so I'm sure Mr. T was schooled in Heavenly demeanor for Bama fans.  You are missed Mr. T but it's good to know you are among the Bama saints--my Daddy, Glover, Bob Burnside, who could forget the Bear...oops. 

My morning began with a trip to the new location of my treadmill.  My new laundry room in front of my new window overlooking the river garden and the Hooch.  Super.  Duke Boy, Hedgie Boy and Euro Dirk got it there. It's previous residence was upstairs in Hedgie Girl's old room.  No window and out of sight and MIND!  Yes, I could close the laundry room door in the morning so I wouldn't have to look at it.  Today!! I didn't do that!  30 minutes with the last 30 SECONDS on a little run. No difibulator  ( not in dictionary) in there.  Didn't want to push it.  Also have to sit some this afternoon for appointments.  No leg or bloomer butt cramps later in the day.  Those guys did a fab job and I really appreciate it. Ms. Georgia loves her new view. 
Reading "The Butler" on my Kindle. Great movie.  Cried through most of it. 

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