Monday, August 19, 2013

Relaxin on the Hooch

It was great to spend a weekend at my home.  Even though it's still under construction and very chaotic.  Got to do some dreaming about what can go where in a week or so--ha-when things are settled again.  Also did some real dreaming in the form of a great Sunday afternoon nap.  This cool rainy weather makes climbing under the cover a great idea. 

Will probably be orangey tomorrow due to all the peaches I've eaten since Friday.  One day of bowl sitting made them start to ripen.  So good.  Had a peach with cheese for supper.  Had a peach with cheese for breakfast.  Had peach cobbler at lunch.  Starting to sound like Forrest Gump talkin about shrimp.  Ms. Kay at Carroll Farms says next weekend is the last one for peaches at her stand in Woodbury.  Make the trip.  The Hudmon Fruit Stand on the corner across from Ingle's has great peaches and tomatoes.  That sweet gal took every peach out of my basket and looked at them to make sure they were all ok.  Then she gave me a few more to make a" nice real full basket".  Sweet folks over there in Woodbury. 

While I'm on food we had a great lunch at Country's in Lagrange Saturday afternoon before the movie.  You can count on them giving you a plate of food big enough to share.  Duke Boy and I usually get chicken livers--I know some of you are curling up your noses at the thought--just because you don't know what good is.  Yesterday we went with chicken fingers and fried eggplant--I know-we split the plate.  No dessert and we didn't eat anything at the movie--the only time I've ever been grateful for all that preview stuff.  We left the restaurant, drove to the movie--around the block, Duke Boy bought tickets, I parked, we were in our seats before the movie started--it was a 1PM movie and we left our table at 1PM.  I was trying not to breath so hard so the people in front of us wouldn't think they were sitting near some weirdoes. When the lights came up I had done all that weirdo worrying for nothing because we knew the folks and they already know we are weirdoes. 

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