Thursday, August 22, 2013

God is good

Looking for joy this morning:  cut hydrangeas to take to my widow's group, rejoiced with the workmen in my yard about my new roof over my front porch, sunrise over the magnolia, taste of good coffee, feeling present in Greece while reading a friend's account of his experience there, BW playing chase with her toys, a good morning kiss and hug. God is good.

Our widow's group meet today and hopefully they will be able to share joys and sorrows.  My FUNdraiser is going to happen! Lots of folks have pulled together to support the Pastoral Institute in this community. Hedgie Boy has gone many miles for this event.  Joy! I actually slept to 6 AM this morning instead of 3.  Not as worried about all of it.  Joy!. Not today at least....God is good.

View from my window.  Huge oak with gorgeous green leaves leaning into the sunlight.  This tree is at least as old as me, I'm guessing?  Keep on standing baby! Joy! God is good.

Look for Joy today.
                  Offer joy to others with your calm, kind presence everywhere you go.

                                                                     God is good. 

Hedgie Boy man of the hour for getting my ox out of the ditch.
Congrats Southern Union grad 2013!!

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