Sunday, August 18, 2013

Put a little love in your heart

Saw "The Butler" today.  Weeping through the last part and feeling tense as I remembered the history I lived through.  Sad to think that we are so hesitant to give up our fears and prejudice against those different from us. All that energy lost on hate.  Where could we be if Kennedy and King had lived?  It's definitely worth seeing . 

Raining here all day.  Windows open feeling the fall-like coolness.

 Ed Sullivan on PBS.  He was a regular at our house.  Little did I know how versed I was on pop culture at the time.  Of course, Lulu wasn't in color then--she was in living black and white on our TV.
 Watching "Shake" by the Animals. They were so wild  then.
                                                      They are barely moving??
You could fall asleep watching them.
  Feb 9,1964--the Beatles appeared live --"She loves you".
Gotta love PBS.
 Herman's Hermits was my fav. Saw them tonight too.  Of course, I was barely out of the crib then...

Time to head for bed.  "Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter.,," a prediction,...who knew?

                                                                                                    and she's a graduate....

Peace from the Hooch. 

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