Saturday, August 24, 2013

Looking for the 99

Joy for the day is ...going to bed thinking you were $300 in the red in your checkbook and getting up early in the quiet to balance it and finding out it was only -$99.  Hurrah.  It will be a Bible story in reverse in a little bit while I see if I can find the $99. The online banker and I have a running disagreement about my balance but for the last six months he's said I have $300 more than I say I have--I have let him win ---up until last night when he decided to remove my cushion.  Rats.  Goes under the too good to be true section of life. 

Speaking of that.  We have 179 people signed up for my FUNdraiser on Tuesday for the Pastoral Institute.   Another too good to be true but is! People in this Valley never cease to amaze me at their support.  Pray that I will have a vision sooon about the program.  I do have an idea and it's on paper but it's not cooked yet.  Still at the stirring stage. 

My remodeling is coming along. It's a good lesson in patience.  I have some lovely workman.  Very kind and polite and proud of their work.  My front porch has a roof .  So cool.  No more fumbling for my keys in the rain while trying to balance my umbrella on my shoulder.  No more replacing a shredded door mat every 60 days. No more having the annual painting of the icky boards over the front door that get streaked from all that rain that pouring straight down while you are trying to get your key in the door.

My laundry room has shelves now and hang up bars. An old friend that came into our family the year Hedgie Girl was born is hanging on the wall.  An old glass front parsonage cabinet from East Lake. It lived in our garage when we moved in and the church gifted it to us when we left.  I'm sure it knows a lot of stories about preachers' families.  It has lived in our garage for 13 years and now has a place in the air conditioning.  Imagine--a cabinet of real wood!!

here is the weary traveler.  A place to call home on the Hooch. 

random cuteness for your day--my great nephew

My bathroom vanity is in route from Mexico, MO.  Who knew there was such a place.  Pray that it will be beautiful and in mint condition when it arrives.  Hope it will be assembled with all the screws where they are supposed to be.  Another story of an internet purchase of furniture--5000 pound computer armoire in 750,000 pieces when we lived in Talladega. A miracle that we are still married after assembling that one--stupidly in the MIDDLE of the living room floor during a hurricane.  No plugs in our floor.  It had to be on a wall.  Couldn't wait for male friends to help--oh, no...good thing I'm a strong woman married to a very strong willed man.  That cabinet never quite got over it's little bit of sway from it's move to Auburn.  Not much need for a huge piece of furniture to house a computer anymore.  Of course, now I forget which room I left mine in. 

Ok, time to quit writing about life and get up and do it.  Peace from the Hooch. 

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