Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to the Water

Double N is back and giving whole new meaning to "eye of newt".  Running toward me with one hanging from his mouth while meowing loudly.  How does that happen? Cat mamas must not teach don't meow with your mouth full of newt.  My reward for not rewarding his gift was getting to pick up Dead N (newt)from my sidewalk and give him a proper burial by the road.  Still glad he's back.  He lay on the table that held my feet while reading the paper.  The glass top gave little BW lots of jealous views while she leap around trying to get a game of chase started. Double N kept it going by giving off fake scared meows from her reclining position. Mosquitoes were the only damper on my perfect garden relaxation moments. Now there are minus two newts to dine on my mosquitoes.  Rest in peace.

Newt point for two little guys due to this furry fellow

Have join the ranks of teens again.  Rockin my Pandora with my new Peace sign headphones while blogging.  I may never make it out of my purple chair. 
Peace on Peace.

Made out of water by Alice Dimicele "I'm always trying to get back to the water from that first breath on my day of birth."  I made it Alice.

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