Sunday, August 4, 2013

Resurrection day for all

 My funeral outfit went in the dirty clothes last night.  Please be careful until it's clean again.
 It wasn't my intent to be my funeral outfit when I purchased it.  It's just evolved.
 Black and white polka dot sweater, not too sad, or hot--since this summer has had some hot days.  Yesterday was no exception. 

Duke Boy and I made the trip to Bessemer, AL to help lay my Uncle Ray to rest.  Duke Boy was a pall bearer.  Hank, my brother, did the service.  Ray was the last of the brothers to leave his earthly life and join the rest in the heavenly chorus of Roll Tide.  I just assume he was a Bama fan, and if he's near my Dad he'll have to lean that way on game day.  Ray and his twin, Fay were the babies of the family.  They were new to the world when their Dad, Walter, left it.  My Dad was the oldest and became the man of the house at ten.  Howard, Alvin, Carey, and Cecil were the in-between kids.  Grandmother was a young widow in 1931 with lots of mouths to feed.  My Dad had a story about the pot on the stove with the beans that you didn't eat because they flavored the soup that was the meal.  It was a hard living, but it produced some fine men and a woman who brought other fine men and women into the world.

Funerals aren't just about the resurrection of the dead in the casket they give families an opportunity to resurrect relationships that are separated due to death--Grandmother--no more family parties or reunions --distance--Tennessee, Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado.  Thank you to Ray's family for bringing him home to rest beside Grandmother, and his sister where he had his beginning. Thanks for the opportunity to see cousins and aunts, and second cousins--so cute.  Also great to see a favorite Aunt with a new love.  This new love was in 1st grade with Uncle Ray but had never crossed paths with my aunt until they attended a grief support group after the death of their spouses.  Great love story.  Hopefully we will make good on those promises to be in touch. This is an attempt at my part.

I must tell my fun story of the day--My sweet aunt Betty Sue, who is the epitome of graciousness, came to me at the graveside and said I looked like a model.  I had on my big black sun hat to keep from perishing.  They were chairs vacant under the tent but I didn't sit down because the hat's so big that no one could have seen the casket from behind me.   She then said, "you have done modeling haven't you?" so cute and so wrong but we had a good laugh. 

 Hank and Isaac.  Hank told a great story at the funeral about Isaac and sleeping in the Father's arms.  Very sweet moment of the reminder of how we are God's hands in the world.

 my happy face last Saturday when Hedgie Girl blew her good-bye kiss to
 University of West Georgia
Saw 2 flocks of turkey yesterday on the way to Bessemer.  Peace to all.

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