Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the cat came back

 BW under the ottoman ..our little barometer.  Now lighting and thunder. 

Amazin cat story--this time, not mine, Big Un came back.  She is 14 and lives in the Valley with Ms. BF.  She was Mr. H's cat and used to accompany him on walks around the circle.  She had little to do with Ms. BF in those days.  Their cat/human love began when Mr. H. died and both needed some TLC.  Big Un even became a lap cat for Ms. BF. Then about two weeks ago Big Un wanted to go out at night.  Odd but she let her out.  Well, there was a storm and then no Big Un.  The neighbors staged a hunt with no results.  Then "the cat came back the very next day"  well not exactly .. This was after having to endure stories from well meaning friends about how she'd probably gone off to die. Well, she's back with another life in her and Ms. BF is over the moon.

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