Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day with my MOS

Clark Kent is staying in our guest room while hiding from the US surveillance.  Don't tell anyone.  Wow.  Man of Steel alright.  Very dreamy and fine.  My Man of Steel suggested we go for Father's Day and we did.  3D.  First 3D I've seen in forever.  Not as cool as I'd expected but the movie was intriguing.  Don't remember the last time I sat for nearly 3 hours without a potty break--and I shared a large drink with My MOS.  We remembered our popcorn bucket.  Hurrah.  I draw the line on taking it into the restroom.  Gaggy to see all those under the stalls when searching for an open door to dash in. Just need one or two more movies to break even on that impulse buy.


My original MOS

My Dad, Gene Erwin.  I remember Saturdays and riding to a haircut and bar-b-qued chicken with you in Fairfield.  Then of course a trip to Puckett's, Erwin's Appliance, and if I was good the 10 cent store.

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