Thursday, June 27, 2013

Drinking in the grace for the day

Me and the birds are up.  They are calling to each other. "Blueberries, hurry right up.  She still can't see them. Too dark for her."  No Name is knocked out somewhere dreaming of baby birds and isn't standing guard in a frightful pose.  Picking has been good this week.  About a coffee cup full daily.
So good with yogurt and cereal. 

Weeded my front garden this week.
  God made as many varieties of weeds as flowers.  What's up with that?

 Falls under questions to ask like: why mosquitoes? large black nearly carnivorous grasshoppers? poisonous snakes? Big snakes? Biting dogs? Poison ivy? Large ugly vines with BIG thorns? LOUD thunder that frightens--nope--terrifies BW and my Mama and me when it's followed by the a flash that makes the house appear to explode? 

Ok--so those are the ones I'm willing to publish.  My private list is much longer.  I am however willing to totally forget mine if God will forget--and by the way has promised to--forget what's on His list about me--the con side. AKA sins.

Hoping His pro side is a long about me as mine is about Him:

 Grace, peace, blueberries right outside my window; gorgeous fluffy blue, pink and white hydrangeas ; tallest and most abundant Shasta daises ever; coneflowers in groups--not just stand alone ones--they rival hydrangeas in my heart;
grape tomatoes on the vine
Duke Boy's fern bed
       zinnias on the rise
                abundant rain--which make the thunder forgivable
                                     sleeping in the bed with my Mama and talking ourselves to sleep.
Hedgie Girl's company on my journey.
       Hedgie Boy's accomplishments with wood.
                                                  Duke Boy waiting up for my arrival.

                                           Next time maybe he'll have a dip cone ready!

          Yes, life is very good on the Hooch.  Time to pick the berries.
                                                          Peace and love for the day.


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