Monday, May 13, 2013

News from the Hooch

I took a walk in God’s living room on Mother’s Day with Duke Boy and Rock Man.  You can go too.  It’s convenient, free, and gorgeous.  I’m talking about the River Park in West Point, GA.  There are a number of well- marked trails.  Wear your good walking shoes, take a walking stick, stay on the trail.  There is poison oak—and even the Garden of Eden had a snake-- we saw a baby one.  He was on the way to visit his Momma so we let him be and he returned the favor.   Several really gorgeous trees, huge, tall—sorry Rock Man—I can’t remember the names.  Lots of native plants.  My favorite spot is the boardwalk over the beaver dam.  This was an Eagle Scout project that Rock Man helped complete or vice versa.  Get a picture from under the trestle where there is new shelter.  This keeps the debris kicked up by the passing trains from knocking you in the head.  If you get just the right angle from the shelter you can see rails in the river from the Civil War era where a bridge was blow during the Yankee aggression on our neighborhood.  Geography, history, herpetology, botany, and just plain fun and good exercise all in a couple of hours.   Take a friend and a stick and check it out.
Rock Man & Duke Boy

Convertible therapy was also part of my Mother’s Day outing.  It was a little chilly but it was so good to feel the wind in my hair.  We veered off Highway 29 to Lagrange so we could drink in some of that lush green pasture land on Old West Point Road.  Sunset made us let up the windows to block the wind, and the ride home after supper was definitely top up weather. 
We have a new semi-resident in our garden.  NN.  Mr. NoName.  He is furry, striped, and sweet.  He even got to sit in Duke Boy’s lap one night. Duke Boy forgot that kind of fur usually makes him have sneezing fits.  NN is trying to rub his way into our hearts.  He’s even trying to rub noses with our house pet, BW.  NN has a home.  I’m not giving in to his bird eating, garden soiling—not in a good sense of the word—ways.  Perhaps he is a snake eater? Hmm?  Maybe the Garden of Eden could have gone differently for Eve if one of these had lived there??   
Get mooving if you haven’t purchased your Chick-fil-a tickets for the May 21st fundraiser for the Pastoral Institute.   Friday is your absolute last chance.  Duke Boy made the cookie dough this weekend while I was using up by bend-overs in the garden.  Our homemade cookies really make our sacks very special.  There are only $6.00 for a chick-fil-a sandwich, chips, and our signature chocolate chip cookie.  Call 334-768-2341 to buy a ticket or contact one of our Advisory Board members: Lessie Beck, Bill Edwards, Marshall Sapp, Shelly Hunter, Lucy Royster, Sandra Thornton, Mary Susan Underwood, Christine Simpson, Marilyn Stokes, John Samanie or Donnie Erwin-Brown.
Karen Erwin-Brown is the director of the Valley office of the Pastoral Institute.  She offers individual, marriage, and family counseling by appointment only.  Call 334-768-2341 for an appointment or more information.

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